Miyatsu Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor manufacturing
equipment related

With a fully equipped clean room (class 5000 compatible), we engage in many manufacturing related to semiconductor front-end manufacturing equipment.

  • Single-wafer Ashing Equipment
  • Single-wafer Plasma Nitriding / Oxidizing Equipment
  • Single-Wafer Annealing Equipment
  • Batch Production Film Deposition Equipment
  • Plasma Vacuum Equipment
  • Plasma CVD Equipment
  • Plasma Etching Equipment
  • OLED Display Manufacturing Equipment

Infrastructure related

  • Dam system operation monitoring device
  • Dam water position, discharge monitoring system
  • Bullet train equipment board
  • Schurter switchboard
  • Simulator for broadcasting stations
  • Digital broadcasting equipment

Vehicle-mounted test equipment related

  • System Control Unit
  • System Operation Unit
  • Converting device

Batch ashing device

The device that removes photoresist, which is used as a mask to create circuits on wafers in the semiconductor wafer process.
You can choose according to your application.
Wafer sizes are compatible with 150 mm and 200 mm.

  • MG6500R

  • MG8500R

  • MG200

Product features
  • Saving footprint
  • Cost improvement is possible by making compact control rack
  • Improvement of communication system such as strengthening noise countermeasures and wiring saving using Ethernet
  • Optimization of direct-acting single-arm type transfer robot by new original design of transfer system
  • Avoiding PC model change convergence problem and HDD failure by adopting PLC control
  • High throughput
  • Realization of low damage batch plasma ashing system
Product details

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MG6500R MG8500R MG200
Processing wafer size 150mm(6inches)optional125mm(5inches) 200mm(8inches)
Processing method Axial barrel method Single wafer type
RF power supply 1kW 13.56MHz auto tuning 2kW 13.56MHzauto tuning 3kW 27.12MHz
Process gas O2
Purge gas N2
Processing step 3 steps(128recipes) 20steps(100recipes)
Number of chambers Cylindrical / vertical quartz chamberx1 2
Wafer transfer unit Vertical operating
cassette elevator
Vertical operating clean
Cassette loader
Atmospheric transport /Vacuum transport RBT
Throughput > 50 sheets / hour or more > 100 sheets / hour or more
Our standard positive resist for evaluation
t=1.0um t<2.4um< /td>
Utility Power supply: φ3 200V
Vacuum pump: 10kL / min
O2: 0.2MPa | N2: 0.3MPa | CDA: 0.5MPa
Finger suction: -80 to -60KPa
Power supply: φ3 200V
Vacuum pump: 10kL / min
O2: 0.2MPa | N2: 0.3MPa | CDA: 0.5MPa
Finger suction: -80 to -60KPa
Power supply: φ3 200V
Vacuum pump: 5kL / min x2(Process chamber)
Vacuum pump: 1.4kL /
min x1(Load lock chambe)
O2: 0.1MPa | N2: 0.1MPa | CDA: 0.5MPa
Cooling water:>13L/min <0.5MPa
MainBody (mm) 600Wx1300Dx780H 850Wx1200Dx1950H 980Wx2058Dx1910H
Control rack(mm) 550Wx650Dx745H 550Wx650Dx835H 503Wx432Dx1448H
weight(kg) 300(MainBody)、120(Control rack) 500(MainBody)、120(Control rack) 1300(MainBody)、100(Control rack)

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