Miyatsu Co., Ltd.


Made-to-Order Proposal Power
Tailored to each customer

The relationship between hardware and software in system development is especially important.
Since we can develop from both hardware and software, we can make proposals for the entire system from the creation of specification proposals tailored to each customer's request.
We also provide a wide range of services according to your needs; from prototype development to manufacturing production (mass production), equipment installation to operation adjustment, inspection jigs, manufacturing jigs, maintenance parts, etc.

  • Software Development
  • Hardware Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Mass Production
  • Equipment Installation
  • Providing Maintenance Parts

We will propose according to your request.


Mechanism of
mass production system
that can receive batch orders
from parts purchase to inspection

We have an in-house production line, and we can undertake consistently responsible work from specification design, prototype development, mass production manufacturing, inspection, and on-site adjustment (field service) only according to customer's request (required specifications). Is possible.
There is no need to bother customers with the transition procedure during mass production.
In the manufacture of products that have already been developed, customers highly value the reduction in manufacturing costs.


Hygienic manufacturing
with strict quality control

We have an environment in which full-scale test and inspection can be carried out, such as a clean room, gas intake / exhaust environment, and cooling water usage environment.
We carry out thorough quality control and provide high productivity and maximum quality to meet all customer needs from prototypes to mass-produced products.

Clean room environment (Headquarters / Tohoku Factory)
  • class5000
  • Pump room (storing equipment)
  • Cooling water (pure water)

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