Miyatsu Co., Ltd.


Human resource development

Training system

  • Leader training workshop
  • Safety and health training
  • Time management training
  • Quality control training

In-house education

  • Safety education
  • Basics education and training
  • Technical certification test
  • PDCA activity
  • KYTQ
  • 5S guidance

Qualification acquisition record

・Electrical assembly technician

Switchboard/control panel assembly
Level 1 - 3 people, Level 2 - 10 people
Electronic equipment assembly
Level 1 - 3 people, Level 2 - 10 people


Type 2 - 2 people

・Forklift operation

8 people

・Floor-operated crane

4 people


4 people

Internal communication

Communication between employees is indispensable for improving work efficiency and work results.
We hold regular in-house social gatherings to promote active in-house communication.


December 1961 Established Miya Telecommunications Industry
Engaged in manufacturing crossbar exchangers
May 1967 Magnetic tape storage device, disk pack storage device, magnetic drum storage device, etc.
Engaged in peripheral equipment manufacturing
September 1969 Registered Miyatsu as a corporation
October 1969 Engaged in general-purpose computer mainframe manufacturing
September 1971 Opened Fujiyoshida Factory in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi
October 1972 Opened Tohoku Factory in Shinjo, Yamagata
April 1981 Engaged in the design and manufacture of control units for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc.
September 1989 Engaged in the design and manufacture of document transport equipment
September 1991 Completion of new Tohoku factory building - Production started
October 1993 Moved the head office and head office factory to Uenohara Industrial Park and started business
September 1997 Certified as a model factory by Yamanashi prefectural Federation of Societies of commerce and industry Set up a clean room at the head office factory
March 2001 Obtained ISO9001, Registration authority: Japanese Standards Association
March 2003 Obtained ISO9001 (integrated head office factory and Tohoku factory) Registration organization Japanese Standards Association
February 2007 Addition of clean room to Tohoku factory
March 2007 KES / Environmental Management System Acquisition Registration Organization KES Environmental Organization
May 2007 Clean room expansion to head office factory
March 2010 Transition of certification to ISO9001: 2008 Registration organization ASR Co., Ltd.
January 2011 Opened Toyama Office in Toyama City, Toyama
October 2012 Opened Miyatsu Vietnam in Hanoi, Vietnam
February 2017 Released the batch ashing device MG6500
June 2017 Fujiyoshida factory closed
July 2017 Released the batch ashing device MG8500
October 2017 Tohoku 2nd factory opened
February 2018 Tohoku factory expansion completed
February 2019 Transition to ISO9001: 2015 certification

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